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It seems that there’s no “half time” for the continued controversy caused my hapless San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who probably wishes by now, that the firestorm he created would die down.

Ironically it seems that Kaepernick has created more media coverage for his exploit off the field, rather than his lackluster performance on the field.

Which was noted on Monday by former Superbowl Champion Burgess Owens, on “Fox & Friends?”
“We fail to teach our kids, our young people, anything about our history,” he said. “They’re ignorant about our country and they’re totally unappreciative of the freedoms that have been gained by people who have paid the price for them.”

He continued; “If this young man wants to really be part of the answer, turn off BET,” he said. “Black Entertainment Television is not a black-owned company. It’s owned by liberal Democrats, who for the last 15 years have fire-hosed my community with anti-white, anti-police, anti-American, anti-family liberal filth.”

Owens insightful comments points out that America is facing an ideological realignment and not a racial one saying; “If you’re going to step in the political arena, educate yourself,” Owens told the hosts.

“Learn about our country. Learn about the freedom of a $100 million contract that the athletes of my era paid the price for this young man to have today.”

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