Across the world, Muslim terrorists are attacking Christians of all sects and denominations. Liberal media outlets talk about unfair targeting of Muslims in American op-eds, but, meanwhile, Muslim terrorists are attacking Christians by the hundreds and by the thousands.

The most recent tragedy occurred on a holy day to Christians across the world--Easter Sunday. In Lahore, Pakistan, over 69 Christians were killed by a Muslim extremist suicide bomber who detonated explosives inside a large, crowded park in the city.

Members of Pakistan's Taliban group, a group that has spawned such evil perpetrators as Osama bin Laden, claimed that they brought about the attack. Taliban members also promised that other terrorist attacks would happen, giving no ultimatums or reasoning behind the attack.

Of the dozens killed, many were Christians who had come to the centralized amusement park to celebrate with family and friends. Pakistani officials estimate that over 340 other people who were in the park were hurt or wounded by the attack.

Spokespeople from dozens of nations and international groups around the world spoke out against the attacks and condemned the perpetrators. But it remains to be seen what will be done as a result.

Christians make up only 2 percent of the population in Pakistan, a staggering minority that has been targeted before. Last year two other suicide bombers struck out in a Christian community and killed over a dozen innocent Christians.

It's unclear what is driving the hatred behind these actions, aside from disparate world views. Perhaps these examples are simply the nail in the coffin of those who say that Muslim, in itself, is a religion which doesn't promote violence.

While there have been many statistics put forward about Muslims attacking Muslims in an attempt to point to the fact that media is quick to condemn Muslim attacks, they only serve to prove the point. Muslims are killing more people today than ever before.

We all need to stand with the Christians under fire in Pakistan and pray to God that He protects us when those attackers come after us.

h/t: CNN

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