It is looking like maybe the same mathematical principles of Common Core game playing have been at work in the State Department. Due to a calculation “error” of some kind, Iran was rewarded with $100-Billion in frozen oil revenues instead of the already gargantuan $50-Billion that Obama’s Iran Nuke deal promised.

Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon took to the Twitterverse to point this little clerical error out. To which Marie Harf of the State Department responded that “it was experts at @USTreasury Dept who did the math & determined how much $ Iran would actually get”.

We apparently do not have “experts” in the thousands of years old principles of mathematics working in the Treasury Department, the White House, or anywhere else up the line double checking figures.

Are we dealing with idiots of liars?

Twitterverse agrees that we are dealing with both. David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor at Foreign Policy magazine points out that Harf’s excuse is lame, because “Isn’t Treasury part of the administration?” To which Harf indicated, not really.

While all the finger-pointing goes on and the world of Twitter immolates, let’s keep in mind that our enemy is happily building 2-for-1 nuclear weapons system.

One Twitter user, R. Thomas (@PlateOfShrim) coined it, “The stupid burns my eyes.”

Had Iran not celebrated this supposed math-gaffe would you or I ever know about it?

No. Which brings us back to deceitful, and judging by how our White House is Iran’s #1 fan, you have to wonder if this was a math mistake at all.

This tweet sadly sums it all up:

Source: BPR



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