Perhaps the easiest thing to claim in today’s racially charged environment is discrimination, and we’ve seen this false narrative being played out all across America in communities like Ferguson, Baltimore and a host of other inner cities, usually encouraged by community activists, and at times prominent civil right leaders, and even the President himself.

No doubt discrimination exists, however all too often society with the help of the mainstream media quickly jump to conclusions, usually without proper vetting of a situation.

That was the apparent case of three African-American women who claimed they were harassed on a CDTA bus by people who kicked, punched and hurled racial slurs at them.

This claim caused a firestorm of reaction both on and off the campus of the University of Albany.

The claim however was proven false, as the three female students appeared in court. One of the alleged victims, Asha Burwell, is related to San Diego Chargers Lineman Tyreek Burwell.

They are facing charges for lying about the attack.

Upon hearing his sister’s claims, he sent out a threatening Tweet to a student he believed was part of the attack.


Ironically a video taken of the actual attack on the bus reveals not only was there no attack on the three women but that they actually instigated the attack by being the aggressors and throwing the first punch, and with one of the so-called “victims” yelling “white b****” at another passenger.

Hillary Clinton tweeted in support of these self-proclaimed victims:


Although it’s seldom acknowledged, discrimination comes in all shades and colors.

h/t: The Federalist Papers

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