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Our nation is teaching our children a very poor message. The message we are sending them is that we are a nation of losers who have no self-respect, and even less for our fallen heroes who sacrificed on the battlefields of time so that we may squander the freedom they provided us with, and so that we may spit on their memory as part of our First Amendment rights.

It is absolutely disgusting, and that assertion presented above, was lived up to at Dexter McCarty Middle School in Gresham, Oregon.

Eighth-grader, Alan Holmes, wore a shirt to school that featured the phrase, “Standing for those who stood for us.” The shirt also depicts the image of what is referred to as the Battlefield Cross; combat boots supporting an upright rifle atop which rests the helmet of a fallen serviceman.

The principal gave Holmes the choice to change his shirt or go home. In honor of his brother, a Marine, and the rest who serve and have served, Holmes made an about-face and went home in a show of solidarity with our armed forces.

The school’s says the big problem was the image of the gun but one has to wonder if a liberal mindset and anti-veteran attitude is also part of the issue here.

Perhaps the school has forgotten that it was, is, and always will be guns that keep America free. The type of freedom afforded to them, the school, to make utter asses of themselves and belittle a child who has more respect for freedom than they.

Way to go Dexter McCarty Middle School and your school district for demonstrating to America, yet again, how little respect our education system has for the history of the nation, the men and women who fight for it, and how little you understand what being free means, to include respect for the fallen.

Watch the video below:

Source: MRCTV



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