Most who lived through those dark days of September 11th 2001, have come to realize that America is a far different place today than it was 16-years ago. The aftermath of 9/11 as horrific as it was, also brought out the best in all of us, we banded together not as young or old, men or woman, black or white, liberal or conservative, but as Americans.

We put aside our political differences for the greater good. However the 16th anniversary marked another year and with it perhaps faded memories for young adults going off to colleges, and for many teenagers simply another date without much meaning.

And perhaps that’s the true back-story of a public university washing away the memory of 9/11’s chalk memorial.

The incident took place at Cleveland State University where a group of civic-minded students decided to honor the memory of 9/11 on the 16th anniversary of the worst attack in history on the homeland with a chalk memorial.

Turning Point USA a pro-capitalist student group gathered Sunday evening to create a chalk memorial on the sidewalk of the public university’s campus.

The creation included an American flag with the words inscribed below “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”

However, within a few short hours, the artistic memorial was power-washed away by a maintenance man, apparently at the direction of the university.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted the incident, along with Tiffany Roberts, chapter president who spoke with the university news paper “The College Fix.” That their members had gathered around 6 p.m. on Sunday evening to begin creating the 9/11 chalk memorial in honor of the close to 3,000 lives taken that day by terrorist extremists. On Monday morning around 7:45 a.m. before classes were to begin a university employee came with a power washer and destroyed the memorial.

When confronted by the Roberts, the maintenance employee said the reason the memorial was erased was that “there is no chalk allowed on campus.”

Cleveland State University washes away 9/11 Memorial ON September 11th. They couldn't leave it just one day?

Posted by Turning Point News on Monday, September 11, 2017

The College Fix requested a comment from the university regarding the incident; however, the university spokesman did not immediately return calls.

However, after speaking with the maintenance employee, Roberts said she went to the Dean of Students Office and attempted to meet with Dean Jim Drneck.

Roberts expressed frustration saying: “I am extremely disheartened by this situation, as my members put a lot of hard work and time into the memorial and it is very disconcerting that the school would wash away something designed to honor the Americans who lost their lives on September 11th.”

Just another example of a liberal public University disrespecting America. If this were a Black Lives Matter related protest drawn it is seriously doubtful the school would have been power washed it off the sidewalk.

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