The world of academia has become a hostile environment and perhaps as alien to traditional students seeking an education as those sci-fi movies of the 50’s.

Today’s educators seem more concerned in furthering a political narrative than in actually educating students with their own contrived politically correct jargon to suit their own progressive orthodoxy.

At issue was a student’s use of the word “mankind” on an English paper and the ramifications thereafter by her professor, Dr. Anne Scott, who took a credit away from Cailin Jeffers, an English major at Northern Arizona University because there were “problems with diction (word choice)” related to her (Jeffers) use of the word “mankind” as a synonym for “humanity.”

Confused? Then read on and perhaps Professor Scott’s predetermined biases will be revealed; “I would be negligent, as a professor who is running a class about the human condition and the assumptions we make about being ‘human,’ if I did not also raise this issue of gendered language and ask my students to respect the need for gender-neutral language,” Scott explained. “The words we use matter very much, or else teachers would not be making an issue of this at all, and the MLA would not be making recommendations for gender-neutral language at the national level.”

Dr. Anne Scott

There it is, politically correct speech skillfully infused within two seemingly similar words “mankind” vs. “humanity.”

Jeffers explained to the campus newspaper; “I stated that I agree with everything she said about my paper except my use of ‘mankind.’ She proceeded to tell me that the NAU English department, as well as the Modern Language Association, are pushing for gender-neutral language, and all students must abide by this,” Jeffers recalled. “She told me that ‘mankind’ does not refer to all people, only males. I refuted, stating that it DOES refer to all people, [but] she proceeded to tell me that I was wrong, ‘mankind’ is sexist, and I should make an effort to look beyond my preset positions and ideologies, as is the focus of the class.”

Jeffers decided to test the policy that Professor Scott had outlined on her next paper including the 2-instances when she used the word “mankind” and when her paper was returned with the requisite points taken off, she requested a meeting with Scott.

However what seemed obvious was that a student had the guts not to be intimidated by progressive dogma even if it meant her grade would be affected…standing up for your principles is sometimes costly.

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h/t: Campus Reform

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