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One needs to ask, “What is wrong with educators today”?  When an event such as “American Pride Day” is actually cancelled by the high school principal!

However the students at Jackson Hole High School apparently showed more understanding of America’s principles and values than their Principal Scott Crisp, when they fought back against his politically correct and misguided concerns stating “some students may feel excluded.”

Apparently the administrators didn’t want the foreign students to be left out, which should leave us all to ask and perhaps remind Principal Crisp that America was founded on the principle of inclusion…and perhaps he should reacquaint himself with the term “melting-pot”.

According to the local newspaper the Jackson Hole News & Guide, editorial, “they wrapped “American flags around their shoulders,” donned “shorts with stars and strips” and even drove “a diesel truck around the parking lot [while] waving American flags after school.”

The editorial continued; “Even their patriotic parents got involved by taking to social media to show solidarity and speak out against the school’s “political correctness.”


Aside from the countless stories across America, about foolish educators and politicians attempting to either rewrite America’s history or cancel a patriotic holiday, or remove a flag, or a tee-shirt, one thing is plainly evident, there’s a wide gap and apparently getting wider between the politically correct crowd and average Americans.

Source: Independent Sentinel

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