After reading the morning announcements at Yulee High School in the Sunshine State of Florida, the student doing the reading learned just how overly political correct adults can teach the fundamentals of Communism through disciplinary action.

How I wish I was making this up.

Two atheist students took offense when the reader of those morning announcements added, "God Bless America." at the very end. Instead of voicing their issues with their teacher, or even Principal Natasha Drake, they took their angry complaint straight to Appignanni Humanist Legal Center in the form of a letter. They claim that the God Bless America statement was unlawful for a public school to use over the intercom, because atheist students cannot avoid hearing about a faith they don't believe in.

It's organizations like this that forget why there is a 1st Amendment in the US Constitution, which addresses this issue.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

This wasn't written to protect Atheists from religion, far from it. It was designed to protect religion from an oppressive tyranny, should Congress decide to become one.

This is important to know, because Public Schools these days accept a chunk of money from the Federal Government, as approved by Congress. That money comes with strings, attached firmly through the Department of Education. Or perhaps we should re-label that federal agency to its more modern intent. Department of Indoctrination.

Principal Natasha Drake replied to the Liberal legal firm in her own letter, letting them know the student went 'off script' and is being punished for doing so. Then she rambles on about respecting beliefs and constitutional freedoms. According to the Nassau School District, a student who reads the morning announcements is speaking for the entire student body.

It's plain to see these Liberal nuts are doing their best to bend students into their agenda, rather than teaching what it is to be a productive citizen of a free nation called the United States of America. When a student reads the morning announcements, as handed to him by the administration, he is not speaking for the entire student body. He is reading the message the school administration wishes the student body to hear. Since that student felt like an individual who matters, he shared a blessing from his faith to the students who were listening.

Political Correctness is fuel for the destructive fire that is known as Communism, where individuality is condemned in favor of the community. In this case, the student was punished for showing independent thought to his peers. Independent thinking is serious no-no in the eyes of Liberals and Progressives alike. That is the same level of Political Correctness that was enforced by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) of the 20th Century to their entire population. Maybe Principal Natasha Drake and her ilk should check the current world map to see how well that ended up for them.

This is a dangerous trend that's being pushed through the Department of Education, enforced by Liberal groups such as the Appignani Humanist Legal Center. If we allow this indoctrination to continue any farther, we all risk losing our freedoms in the future. Remember, today's students will become the teachers, doctors, lawyers and service providers we will depend upon in our old age. Shall we look the other way, or shall we work harder to keep America free for everyone, including those who believe in a higher power? May God help us all if the Liberals running the Yulee High School becomes the new normal for the rest of America.


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