Tyler Skluzacek’s father, Sgt. 1st Class, Patrick Skluzacek, suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), having been brought on by a tour in Iraq many years ago. Sgt. Skluzacek’s PTSD presents in the form of night terrors. In order to ease his father’s suffering, Tyler and a team of like-minded and warm-hearted, THINKERS, developed the myBivy app [My Bivouac] for smartphones/watches.

Tyler Skluzacek with his father, Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Skluzacek

The app monitors the deep-sleep patterns of the PTSD sufferers and after a few short weeks will have learned the patients’ heart rate and resting movements. As a result the app will be able to identify, “the exact symptoms of the onset of the panic attack and try to use the watch or use the Android phone to disrupt that or take them out of the deep sleep but keep them asleep,” via noise and/or vibration, Tyler said.

Rest for the weary. This is extraordinary! Unfortunately, in keeping with his pattern of disdain for our military and obsessive love for Islam, you will likely never see this young man in our White House discussing, with President Obama, the far-reaching benefits the invention could have.

Unless you are Muslim child of an Islamic lobbying radical Imam, who invents a wannabe potato clock bomb thing that strikes fear into the hearts of “Islamophobes” everywhere, your invention, benefiting our soldiers, will go nowhere near the White House.

Mr. Skluzacek, your invention is amazing and we hope that the VA takes note, the Congress takes note, and private medical professionals take note. You don’t need the President to recognize your accomplishments. His recognition is meaningless given his persuasions.

The American people recognize your accomplishment and we are who are important and grateful. Keep up the good work!

Source: Young Cons



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