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Listening to this monologue of reconstituted dribble reminiscent of those far left flower children of the 60’s one can’t help (if you've lived long enough), feel as if you've actually lived through this before, like going up in your attic and finding those old bell-bottoms and granny glasses, and trying them on for size, and finding out they simply don’t fit.

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However the guy that really got my attention wasn't Matthew Guevara, but rather Ami Horowitz who seemed totally (to use his phrase) “BLOWN AWAY” by Guevara ant-American diatribe, pretending that this kids dribble is something new.

Guevara who attends the University of California Irvine (boy is that a surprise), believes whole-heartedly that a flag can represent hate speech, and which flag might that be, why of course “Old Glory”.

In a recent interview with Fox News reporter Ami Horowitz, UCI Student Government Leader Matthew Guevara stated that he introduced a resolution that would ban displaying Old Glory in the main lobby of UCI because it is a representation of hate speech.

Guevara went on to state that the flag “is a tool to silence people.” So to ensure that people’s voices would not be silenced, he believed it better to remove the flag with, as he said, the support of virtually all the professors and graduate students.

Perhaps we might also find along with those old bell-bottoms and granny classes a professor or two hidden away.

Source: Breitbart

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