Well thank goodness for a moment of reason within our judiciary. Nassau County, New York, appears to have a judge on-bench who knows a thing or two about the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, which pertains to our free speech.


Hofstra University student and Libertarian Club member, Danny Martins, was arrested for disorderly conduct in June of last year.

Why? He hung a banner, up on an overpass, which read “Impeach Obama” and featured a companion American flag.

In trumped up excuse making, County prosecutors argued that Martins’ actions were a traffic hazard. Up on an overpass, out of the way of said traffic, a traffic hazard? That seems to be the question the judge pondered as well, because he dismissed the case.

That wasn’t Martins’ last day in court, however. He is suing the Nassau County Police Department and each officer involved in his arrest, presumably for unlawfully arresting him and infringing upon his free speech.

We are entering an era where it no longer should matter what people think of whatever issue they hold dear. What needs to matter is our unity in supporting each other's right to free speech.

If not, then we will be responsible for our own enslavement to the thought police.

Source: NY Post

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