No doubt that New York City is a very progressive town, as is Nassau County, and so when a New York college student does the unthinkable in this liberal enclave, this bastion of progressivism, and hangs an ant-Obama banner, declaring “Impeach Obama” on the overpass of a Long Island expressway, that would definitely get the attention of the political elite, and so it did.

Police arrested and charged Hofstra University senior Danny Martins with disorderly conduct for the June 2014 incident during which he displayed both the banner and an American flag on a pedestrian walkway above the expressway.

However this is where the issue becomes a little muddled, when prosecutors argued that the libertarian’s activities posed a traffic hazard, however the trial judge eventually dismissed all charges against Martins.

So was the banner a traffic hazard as claimed by the prosecutors, or perhaps the governments attempt to stifle Martins First Amendment right, freedom of expression?

Martins has been displaying political messages from overpasses since 2013, and believes otherwise, perhaps if he were a progressive student promoting Obama’s policies perhaps he wouldn’t have been arrested or harassed by the politically elite.

However this New York college student is exercising another American tradition and has filed a lawsuit against both the Nassau County Police Department as well as those individual police officers who arrested him.

Twitter is lighting up with support for Martin already:



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