A heartfelt thank-you wasn't enough for an anonymous woman who paid the $405 meal tab of 25 firefighters who had just finished putting out a massive wildfire in the La Loma Hills near San Bernadino.

"After all of the firefighters finished fighting the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills this evening, they were sent to Denny's for dinner. While eating, an anonymous woman told the Denny's staff that she wanted to buy all of the firefighter's meals," a post on Facebook read. "We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities," the City of Colton Fire Department added.

The firefighters were sitting down to a well-deserved meal of bacon, milkshakes, and coffee when the woman told the Denny's staff that she wanted to pay the group's $405 meal tab that included $100 for their desserts.

The woman even left a $50 tip before leaving the restaurant.

It's no wonder the response on Social Media has been overwhelmingly ecstatic:

Just as the wildfires raging across the western U.S. require fuel to burn, firefighters need to replenish their own inner reserves to battle three dozen fires still burning across California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Thousands of residents have been evacuated or displaced by the fires that have caused millions of dollars in property damage.

In northern California, at least 41 homes and 55 other buildings have been destroyed by wildfires near the town of Oroville, about 150 miles northeast of San Francisco.

According to Wildfire Today, the cost of suppressing wildland fires in 2015 was more than $2.13 billion, nearly double the $1.5 billion spent in 2014. Moreover, the trend has seen an increase in the number and severity of wildfires, and this has been due to a number of factors, including weather and climate trends and how timber is managed and harvested.

As the annual cost of fighting wildfires continues to increase, so will the equipment and training needs of firefighters whose lives are often on the fire line.

Their work is long, demanding, and dangerous and deserving of a big sit-down meal made possible thanks to the kindness of this stranger.

Would you have paid the tab of these firefighters if you had the money? Please let us know what you think about these heroic individuals in the comment section below.

Source: Daily Mail

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