There is a standard by which most business operate—they have the right to refuse service to anyone they deem unfit for their wares. For example, we have all probably seen the signs that say, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.”

There are also signs that say, “No backpacks or large bags.” Come Halloween, although rare, there are the occasional, “No masks” signs.

With the recent news, worldwide, regarding Muslim women being just as militantly terroristic as Muslim men, it is no wonder that a shoe shop in Canada adopted a policy of “no masks.” In doing so, he clearing states his requirements for conducting business with him, via sign;

“Please, for security reason, no facial coverings. Thank you.”

That is the sign that greets you upon entry into Ryan Vale’s Edmonton Shoe Repair shop at the Northgate Center shopping mall in Edmonton, Canada.  There is even a sketch of a mask on the sign, albeit a ski-mask most associated with robber-thugs.

Clearly, a burka fits the profile of a facial covering, and let’s face it, the thing is akin to a would-be store-jacker mask.

This did not sit well with teenager Sarii Ghalab who blazed right by the sign in her religiously mandated prison garb.

When asked to lift her veil, she declined. Ultimately, she was asked to leave and she did, but not before pulling out the religious beliefs card. Of course, because special treatment for Muslims, right?

The young woman went home and whined and the family did what Muslims do best. They lambasted him in the game of Islamophobia. They smeared him on social media in a manner that Vale claims to be inaccurate. Burka girl then felt bad and brought him flowers.

How sweet. Gag. First, she violates his business. Second, she violates his reputation and should be sued. Third, she pretends to fall on his mercy.

He threw her out, again. Good for him. Had he relented at her fake apologetic attempt, the Muslims would have won another victory in their Caliphate.

Never give in to these people. Any capitulation empowers them and converts you by default.

Source: Mad World News


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