Pardon? You want me to wear what? I don’t think so.

Vous pouvez prendre ce travail et Shove it! (If the online translator worked…you can take this job and shove it.). You can also take your hijab and go dress up some other female willing to be chattel, because you ain’t putting it on us!

That is the sentiment the UNAC union, representing Air France stewardesses, relayed to the airline when told they must don the hijab when flying into Iran.

Feminist Laurence Rossignol had a hand in speaking for them—a mandated veil in the Islamic culture is no different that “negroes who supported slavery.”

Needless to say, this is not going over well with the ladies of Air France.

“Female staff do not wish to have dress regulations imposed on them,” said Chrstophe Pillet, union head of SNPNC flight crew. They have no problem with the standard issue, and amazingly classy, regulatory uniform, it is the subservience to Islam that they have a problem with.

Pillet went on to say staff take umbrage, “especially the obligation to wear and Air France scarf that completely covers their hair as soon as they leave the plane.”

Air France is a private business and it would seem that in France, the employer can implement discriminatory practices. The UNAC’s Flore Arighi wants to make it clear that their stewardess are not passing judgement on Islam, “What we are denouncing is that it is being made compulsory. Stewardesses must be given the right to refuse these flights.”

Will they stand firm, or will they do what France is stereotypically and mockingly accused of doing? Will they run up the white flag of surrender?

It turns out the union won.  The stewardesses that choose to self-subjugate to misogyny can, and those that won’t, can refuse the hijab, AND the flights to Iran.

Good for them. A wise woman once said women set the course for society, and it will only change when they change their own behavior. This is true in everyday life, from the home front, to the work place, and when it comes to morality.

The world takes what you freely give away, and will bend to your will when you won’t accept certain practices and behaviors.

Looks like the ladies of Air France have figured that out. Good for them! Félicitations! (Congratulations!).

Source: Mad World News


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