Liberal celebrities in this country are continuously bashing President Trump in any public forum that they can get themselves on, but some of these leftists lunatics have taken it way too far.

A great number of liberals have publicly come out and called for violence, harm, and even the death of President Trump and other conservatives across the nation.

The real problem with this is that these like minded morons actually take the advice given by these high profile celebrities and public figures and act out their sick demands, inflicting brutalities or at least attempting them on the nation's conservatives.

Just recently, author Stephen King, famous for writing gruesome horror stories riddled with savage murders and acts of violence, Tweeted to his lemmings that Trump needs to be "removed" from office.

You can only imagine what his most insane blood loving fans took this to mean and what they might be planning to do to President Trump at this very moment. Tweets like these can be very dangerous as they often inspire many people to take matters into their own hands and break the law to do what they think is 'fair.'

Who knows what these anti-Trump maniacs took this to mean and what they will do with their leader's new orders.

Not long after King's call for blood another deranged anti-Trumper took to Twitter calling for the explicit coup by Trump's top military officers.

Do you think these two wackjobs are in cahoots to take down Trump by sending in their insane lemmings to do their dirty work? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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