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One thing is certain Steve Harvey can be a pretty funny guy, even when something goes terribly wrong as it did at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Harvey has a way of making people smile, as this picture on Facebook illustrates.

However more importantly then the Facebook picture and Harvey’s witty response to his blunder is the response generated, over one million likes in just one hour…that’s a lot of free publicity for the Miss Universe Pageant.


And although pageant organizers first instinct may be to never ask Harvey to host again, if their smart they’ll use this mishap to their advantage.

Moreover Harvey did the responsible thing, in taking ownership of the mishap, and turning it around, which makes him out to be a stand-up guy!

Do you think Steve Harvey is handling his Miss Universe blunder with a great sense of humor?

Sound off in the comments section below.

h/t: Young Cons



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