(Al Sharpton and MSNBC have been trying to paint all police as racists intent on killing African Americans. The statistics don't back them up)

Across the nation protests have been taking place in retaliation to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. The protestors claim that the only reason these two men died was due to the color of their skin, they were black. Their deaths had nothing to do with their behavior. Based off of the vitriol spewing from Al Sharpton's mouth and from the chants coming from the protests, one would think that police officers of the United States are the new KKK, and storming the streets killing any non-white person that moves. But, that would be wrong, because statistics say that more whites are actually killed annually by police officers than blacks. Statistics also state that it is extremely rare for most police officers to fire their weapons off of the gun range.


The CDC reported that in 2012 police killed 140 black people, versus the 386 whites that were slain by police officers. That's more than double the number of white people killed by police officers than black people killed. The CDC also reported that from 1999-2011 only 1,130 blacks were killed by police officer versus 2,151 whites. Where is the outrage over these numbers? The mainstream media never reports on these cases. And there are never riots or cops killed in retaliation. The media blackout is more amazing considering there are actually more whites killed by cops.

So possibly this is because the police end up having more encounters with dangerous white suspects. So if there are more white people committing murders it would help account for the higher number of white people killed by police. But looking at the FBI statistics this is not the case.


If the media were to report on every white person killed by the police the same way they report on black people killed by police it would hinder the liberal agenda that racism is alive in America. While racism does exist on the fringes (on the extreme right and the extreme left), it's not an epidemic plaguing the nation like Reverend Al Sharpton would have everyone to believe, and without this agenda what would Sharpton have left? He would no longer have a cause, and many liberals would also be forced to admit that America is in fact the land of the free, equality exists for all, and justice is blind. All that this biased media coverage is proving is that the media doesn't believe in equality, and they want to push an agenda that advances the liberal cause. Until people start to do their own research and start seeing that the stats don't support Sharpton and the media's claim that the police are racist we can expect the schism to widen. The sad truth is Sharpton and his cronies are taking advantage of situations that weren't racist incidences, so when true racism does occur the victim's story is cheapened.



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