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It’s become inevitable that under this present administration, Americans have become second class citizens to illegal aliens in almost every category, and this federal government no longer feels the need to serve the public good of it’s “citizens,” therefore it is up to those individual states to take care of it’s citizens

To that end Indiana is stepping up with a new bill just introduced in the Indiana General Assembly on Thursday that could finally mark the beginning of responsible, citizen-first labor policies in the United States.

While the federal government consistently chooses to defy the will and the interests of the people, state governments in many ways still maintain the ability to act on our behalf, if they choose to do so.

The legislation, Senate Bill 285, would be among the strictest in the nation, allowing judges to strip employers of their business licenses upon a third violation of knowingly hiring an illegal alien, already a violation of federal immigration law.

The bill was introduced by State Senator Mike Delph, a Republican representing Carmel, in order to “take away the jobs magnet and remove the financial incentive of unscrupulous business people who profit off of illegal immigration.”

However this administration has already made it clear that illegal aliens have the same rights and perhaps more influence of those American citizens, seeking employment within the marketplace, if anything it will be up to those individual states with strong conservative governance that will set the agenda in protecting the American worker.

Do you think this law should be enacted federally? Do you think it could solve the massive influx of illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. daily?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

h/t: Right Wing News




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