As German citizens face the violent realities of living alongside the massive influx of Muslim immigrants welcomed into their country by the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one congressman is standing behind his proposal to monitor mosques for possible ties to terror activity.

Saying, “You go where the threat is coming from,” New York Republican Rep. Peter King, who is also a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, compared the fight against radical Islam to the war against organized crime and the Mafia.

“Feds went into Italian neighborhoods when they targeted the Mafia.”

Civil libertarians have been outspoken in their opposition to the New Yorker’s call to allow 24/7 surveillance of mosques, calling the idea religious persecution in violation of the First Amendment, but King says, “They can cry all they want.”

“Most Muslims are good, patriotic Americans who you would think would want to have the assistance of the FBI. They should want this type of surveillance.

King, in his capacity as a United States Congressman, has been supported by the Muslim community in his district often giving speeches at the Westbury Islamic Center, which hosted book signings for King and named him the guest of honor at the opening of the Center’s new prayer hall in 1993. His office also hired Muslim interns.

The New York congressman supported the U.S. intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo during the destruction of mosques and religious persecution against Muslims during the civil war in the 1990s.

He has been outspoken against “blind political correctness,” saying “the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country are very supportive of the United States. I’m actually swearing-in the first elected Muslim on Long Island to office, she’s a good friend of mine — so this is nothing against Muslims. But the fact is that where the threat is coming from and we’re kidding ourselves we have this blind political correctness, it makes no sense.”

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