Sen. Bernie Sanders’s state of Vermont is set to welcome 100 new residents soon – Syrian refugees invited to provide “cultural diversity” – and not everyone there is happy about it.

Rutland, Vermont, with a population of less than 20,000 is the third largest town in the tiny state, has a depressed economy and is facing the increase in drug abuse and crime associated with the hard times brought on by long-term unemployment.

But Mayor Christopher Louras thinks the solution is to invite 100 unemployed and possibly unemployable, unskilled people to live there at the expense of the local residents who are growing concerned.

Mayor Louras claims the town needs “young workers” and the cultural diversity Syrian refugees will bring.

The move has drawn sharp criticism from residents, who have formed “Rutland First” after the mayor made the decision without seeking input from the community.

The group has been open and outspoken in stating it is opposed to “violence of any kind toward any human being,” but is “anxious” about the resettlement of the refugees in a town as small and economically depressed as Rutland.

Rutland resident Dr. Timothy Cook told local reporters, “We’re the ones who are gonna have to foot the bill for this.”

Rutland First has won the support of seven local officials who wrote a letter to the U.S. Department of State expressing the concerns of the residents about the impact the refugees would have on the town.

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