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Once again “the will of the people” has been ignored, and the law of the land as been usurped, and lawlessness becomes the prescribed method of governance, as once again immigration becomes the focal point for both cowardly legislators and the courts.

This time in a unanimous decision, the Montana court struck down the last piece of a voter-approved law meant to deter undocumented immigrants from living and working in the “Treasure State.” It upholds a 2014 ruling stating that the law denying unemployment benefits, university enrollment and other services to people who are in the country illegally was unconstitutional.

The Montana Supreme Court went further, rejecting the one remaining position that required state workers to report to federal immigration officials the names of applicants who are in the U.S. undocumented.

The Montana Legislature sent the anti-immigrant measure to the 2012 ballot, where it was approved by 80% of the voters.

The new law required state officials to check the immigration status of applicants for unemployment insurance benefits, crime victim services, professional or trade licenses, university enrollment and financial aid and services for the disabled, among other things.

The law required state officials to deny services to people found to be in the country illegally, and to turn over their names to immigration officials for possible deportation proceedings. The law used the term "illegal aliens," which is not found in federal immigration laws and became the focal point of the lower and higher courts' rulings.

It defined "illegal alien" as a person who is not a U.S. citizen who unlawfully entered or unlawfully remained in the United States. Several plaintiffs said they arrived in the U.S. illegally but have since obtained permanent residence status. They argued they would still be considered "illegal aliens" under the state law, even though the Department of Homeland Security considers them lawful immigrants.

Obviously what is taking place all across America is a willful systemic dismantling of our immigration laws, by both progressive legislators and those justices within the courts, however not by lawful methods as prescribed by the Constitution, but rather by fiat as demonstrated by the Obama Administration, which seems either by decree or simply by example in how to subvert the will of the people, in those states controlled by Democratic legislators.

Sources: Fox, Vdare


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