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Cheating is cheating, and whether you scam the welfare system or steal from your employer, or sneak into the country with a phony Social Security number (listening Obama), it’s still fraud.

And no matter how you dress it up, or change the verbiage from ‘illegal” to “undocumented” it’s still doesn’t change the facts.

And defrauding the government by abusing the Welfare System which is intended to provide low-income families with a way to access healthy nutrition with food stamps, is simply wrong!

Recently, however, more and more stories are coming to light revealing dishonesty and abuse of the system.

It appears that when given the chance, many people tend to trade the food stamps for cash, and end up buying whatever they want. Such action is illegal.

In Georgia 54 people were arrested for opening “grocery stores” that service welfare recipients.

According to reports, this is a new type of fraud that the authorities have just uncovered. Here’s how this scam works, food stamps are traded in for cash at the store, for only a percentage of their actual value.

To date 90 people have been arrested for abusing the system to commit fraud.

However much like what this government does there are currently no legal penalties, for cheating the system, after all it’s just the tax payer’s money.

However benefits can be cut of for a period of time, and even permanently banned from receiving food stamps, however a more decisive approach would be to hold the stores also accountable.

What do you think of the people who knowingly abuse the entitlements system?

Source: American News




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