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If anything this volatile election season has proven one thing, America is in the midst of a “political revolution” and in the cross-hairs are those within the political establishment; in short the people have had enough!!

Perhaps state legislators are finally paying attention to those angry voices (the people), that actually pay the freight in keeping this economy moving.

And to that end it seems that Michigan has listened and listened well, by enacting sweeping welfare changes and reforms nearly five years ago, resulting in more than $62 million dollars in savings to the tax payer.

Those savings were accomplished beginning in 2011, when Michigan did what every American does each and every payday, budget their earnings and live within their means, in short legislators simply tightened their financial belts and started enforcing time limits on cash assistance, or what the state calls its Family Independence Program.

The legislation was also retroactive, meaning Michiganders who had been on welfare for more than four years dating back to 2007 were instantly removed from the program. At the same time the state started enforcing a long-ignored federal rule and removed people who had been on the assistance for more than five years going back to 1996.

No doubt this is a “harsh reality” for many on long-term public assistance, and Michigan along with many other states must bear the responsibility for allowing the welfare system to get out of hand by becoming a perpetual “piggy bank” for those chronic individuals and families that for whatever reason cannot get off the dole.

Moreover what seems to have gotten lost between all the shouting between those advocates for the needy and common sense legislation, is that the original intent of welfare was simply a “temporary means of assistance” for those able-bodied folks to get back into the labor market, within a reasonable time, however the new legislation doesn’t impact individuals with disabilities or those over age of 65.

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