If you're worried about Big Brother watching over you, here's a tip: Don't move to Hawaii anytime soon. The island paradise may have the best luaus and some great beaches, but it's rapidly becoming one of the most totalitarian states in the country.

If you haven't heard the news, the Aloha state recently passed a bill in its legislature which would gather the names and personal information for every single Hawaiian who purchases a gun and enter those names into an FBI database. Okay, you're saying. It's another database issue.

Not so fast.

Hawaii's database wouldn't just apply to gun owners inside the state. According to the Associated Press, any Hawaiian who is once entered into the database, will then be under scrutiny wherever else he or she travels in the country. If a Hawaiian gun owner is arrested in Fargo, North Dakota, the Hawaiian police are notified and the mark goes on his record.

Of course, this should come as no surprise for anyone who knows about Hawaii's liberal leanings. The state has been trying to get itself into the books for being uber-liberal and now it has.

Speaking of liberals, they're praising Hawaii's new bill in droves, and it seems they can't imagine any downsides to creating a federal database that tracks people's actions and whereabouts.

Hawaiian Democrats, however, say that they're excited about the bill's possibilities and they hope that Hawaii will be able to serve as an example for other states.

But the Honolulu Police Department also noted that the law is designed to catch a loophole in current gun registrations where someone who's purchased a gun in the past can be convicted of a crime and still possess his or her firearm. The kicker, though, is that this happens just 20 times per year.

Hawaii has taken a fringe-case scenario and applied it to the general populace. This is how tyranny begins. It's not with Donald Trump talking about closed borders, it's with the government tracking everyday Americans and limiting their freedoms.

h/t: AP News

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