The Wake County School District, the largest school district in North Carolina, has decided that it's mostly white staff needs to learn how to handle diversity. Their school district is growing, and they are starting to see more diversity in the student body. The school district feels that they must now train their teachers how to reach the students to teach and treat them all equally, suggesting that their teachers are currently bigoted.

ABC 11 News reported on this story saying that the idea arose during a training with principles and vice principles. They said it was decided that "white heterosexual males among them are entitled and privileged and may not be able to understand or properly teach minorities or those that are oppressed."

The school district wants to make sure that these students aren't marginalized or stereotyped by their teachers, but they have absolutely no problem marginalizing or stereotyping their white heterosexual male staff.

Former teacher Terry Stoops spoke with ABC 11 saying that he felt that requiring all of the teachers to attend such a training when there's no proof that there's a widespread problem of the teachers showing bias against specific students. He said, "I really question subjecting all Wake County teachers to this sort of training when there's no evidence that there's any widespread bias or cultural insensitivity...The idea that all teachers to some degree need to have this kind of training, I think, is absurd and really is an insult to the teachers themselves, because it assumes that the teachers don't already have these sensibilities or skills in the first place."

Of course the school district rejects this, and says their goal was only to help teachers learn not to have different or lower expectations of specific students, and that race was not the only focus. Maybe if their goal wasn't to "pigeon-hole" a specific group, they shouldn't have mentioned that their "white heterosexual male" teachers showed "white privilege."

When will liberals learn that they need to stop perpetuating the race war by forcing white guilt onto people that show no evidence of being racist?



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