When children die, apparently it is meaningless to the Black Lives Matter lunatic-rage movement. Little Jamyla Bolden’s life did not matter an iota to BLM crowd. No, when a BLM thug pulls off a drive-by shooting and kills a 9-year-old, it’s nothing.

When some black no good loser criminal is killed during a hate-filled crime, by a cop in defense for his life or in the line of duty protecting the innocent, it is no holds barred, kill-all-white-people.

Well, for one single man, Jamyla’s life mattered. That man was Shawn Williams who stood on an intersection in St. Louis, Missouri holding his own protest march.

Shawn Williams out alone protesting the death of Jamyla Bolden

It is with disgust that it must be reported that he was alone. Nobody joined him. The thugs were too busy terrorizing others to be bothered with recognizing their own violent insanity that killed that little girl.

White children are killed in similar circumstances. No one protests those deaths. No one marches for those children’s lives. No one would ever dream of wreaking havoc on society in some sort of hate-filled Molotov cocktail, kill all the [insert race] people.

Instead, the Black Lives Matter movement marches on, wages war on the innocent, acts like the dangerous idiots they are, and goes insane for the lives of black thugs. Meanwhile, children of all races are being killed and the crowd is silent.

It is as if unless the person killed is a black thug, no one else matters. It is utterly pathetic that criminals are heralded and violence rages in the streets, for the life of a thug. What kind of people put a thug on a pedestal while dancing on the graves of children?

The Black Lives Matter movement does, that’s who.

h/t: Opposing Views


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