Were any of you aware that the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of thug Mike Brown, by Police Officer Darren Wilson was all wrapped up and over with? Some of you were, to be sure.

How many of you were aware that the autopsy report on the thug coincided with the events as Officer Wilson described them?

Well, they did. Officer Wilson maintained that there had been a struggle for the gun when the firearm discharged.

Sure enough, Brown’s thumb, or rather what was left of it, showed “microscopic matter from the barrel” of the gun. Brown’s blood was found on the Officer Wilson’s uniform, confirming the close range encounter with the raging animal—Brown.

Additionally, there was blood on the gun and inside the car. So, yes, Brown had reached inside the car as Officer Wilson stated.

Additionally, while “witnesses”, aka “accomplices by default”, claimed to have seen Brown running away the autopsy proves a different story. Of course then the story changed and turned in the direction of the now famous thug slogan, “hands up don’t shoot.”

The only problem with that fairy tale is it was just that, a fairy tale. Brown took a bullet to the face—the forehead. That in and of itself contradicts the lie told that the thug was running away.

Second, the autopsy report indicates that the trajectory of the shot hit Brown as he was falling or lunging, as Officer Wilson indicated.

Wilson was exonerated in the court of law, but this was not enough for AGs Erick Holder followed by Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice. They are in need of a white guy to, well, lynch.

The plan was to investigate the Ferguson police department.  Investigate they did and pretty much gave a free pass to all the thugs that took to the streets in protest of the justified killing of Brown.

Our society is upside down. Instead of thanking an officer for doing their job, the racist DOJ throws facts out the window just so they can prove a point that does not exist.

We are living in an age where the old adage about telling a lie often enough and the people will believe it is reality.There is no justice anymore, and you certainly can’t count on any, especially if you are white, and most definitely if you are a cop.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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