With rising tensions and violence in the Middle East, it is becoming more and more common for countries to open their doors to refugees from the war-ravaged area. The United States, it turns out, is no exception.

Except that many citizens oppose the idea of bringing unvetted, potentially dangerous refugees into America and giving them taxpayer funded support. South Carolina's citizens, have recently taken control of the situation by passing a special, state-funding proviso.

According to the new law, individual counties in South Carolina have the option to vote up or down any federal monies received by the county for the purpose of resettling refugees. This means that the county can refuse to take part in the federal programs which are shipping Middle Eastern refugees throughout the country.

To-date, 3 counties have passed the resolution and 2 more are seriously considering the move as well. The citizens of the counties that are saying no to federal funding for refugees say that the issue isn't partisan, it's American.

"It bothers me that the media, they try to make it a partisan issue, like right versus left, when that’s not what this is at all. This is an American issue. I’m an American." That quote comes from Paula Daly, a resident of York County, one of the 2 South Carolina counties looking forward to a vote on the issue.

President Obama, for his part, had Secretary of State John Kerry dispatch an assistant secretary to the area in efforts to clean things up. That, however, seems to have made many citizens more determined to keep the federal government's fingers out of their counties.

Before any left-wing arguers cry out that this is such an inhumane position to take, let us be clear. These people in South Carolina are not opposed to the idea, necessarily, of refugees entering their communities. They are opposed to unvetted, potentially dangerous Muslim terrorists entering their communities. That's an important difference.

Way to stand up for your rights, South Carolina. Now let's hope the rest of the nation follows suit.

h/t: WND

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