Traditions indeed die-hard down south, especially if one has the “foolish notion” that kids need to respect their parents.

However this southern mom took back her responsibilities as a mom, and perhaps her southern pride, and the only thing to die were the kid’s cell-phones, as mom took a shotgun to them and blow them to smithereens, (the phones not the kids).

This two plus minute video (apparently on a cell phone), shows a somewhat agitated mom instructing an individual to set up the phones on a wooded tree stump, and then mom proclaims she taking back a perch as a mom, and declares in a booming voice she’s “tired of being disrespected” and begins blasting away, as her hapless kids look on.

However, one would suspect that looking at this brief video, most parents would not go to this extreme, however there’s no denying that many of today’s parents have simply lost control of their kids, who usually spend hours on social media, or with their heads buried in a 3-inch video screen while barely able to engage in a conversation.

Some may even view this video as some kind of child abuse, and as absurd as that may sound it's perhaps indicative of where we are as a society, in that there was a time when a “good old fashion” spanking cured a lot of those momentary ills while growing up, and quickly established who was in charge.

Today those lines are blurred; parents in many instants have abandoned their role as teacher, in favor of social media.

Do you think todays youth are not held accountable enough by their parents? DO you think cell phones and social media contribute to their lack of respect?

Let is know in the comments below.

h/t: Live Leak

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