One really needs to ask a very simple and pointed question, “On what side are these legislators on?” Apparently not on the side of what our Founders and more importantly what’s written within our Constitution and those principles prescribed within that “founding document.”

In that America’s core principles lies within our “Judeo-Christian values”, which “like it or not” is the very essence for America’s creation.

A bill that would have made the Muslim world’s “Sharia Law” an illegal defense in South Carolina courts was narrowly defeated in the state Senate on Wednesday, killing it for the year.

The measure, sponsored by Charleston Republican Rep. Chip Limehouse, would have prevented an attorney from arguing that the laws of a client’s home country allow for certain actions in South Carolina.

Limehouse said the measure was needed to curb the advancement of terrorist organizations in the country.

“Ask the people in France,” he added. “Ask the people in Belgium what they think about laws that would limit the use of Sharia law (as a defense in court). To me a ban on Sharia law is kind of like a ban on poisonous gas. It just makes sense.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.09.18 AM
Rep. Chip Limehouse

In short and in plan easy to understand English, what this defeat simply means is that South Carolina has now two competing laws, one is American Law the other Sharia Law, and apparently what these progressive legislators have embraced is the concept under Sharia Law, that assorted human right violations is a plausible defense. One can only wonder if honor killings, stoning and or mutilation would be an acceptable part of that defense?

Source: Post and Courier


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