Perhaps the greatest fear of many Americans right now is that ISIS will somehow stage a large scale attack or invasion on American soil. The radical Islam group has come out and said that it considers America an enemy, so it seems almost inevitable that they will attempt a strike.

According to sources at Judicial Watch, however, that strike may be closer than we ever imagined.

Sources from the Mexican Army and the Mexican police have both stated that an ISIS training camp is located in Mexico only a few miles from the border of Texas. Those officers have stated that the camp is closest to El Paso, Texas, but that there is also another ISIS terror cell located near the state of New Mexico.

The revelation that ISIS is literally at the U.S. border comes after Mexican officials and troops raided one of the camps and discovered paraphernalia typical to Islam terror cells.

Among scattered prayer rugs and documents with Arabic and Urdu writing, officials also found hand-drawn plans of one of the U.S.'s military installations, Fort Bliss. Fort Bliss currently houses a tank division of the U.S. Army and would be a prime target for terrorist fighters.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult for the Mexican Army to patrol the area, called Anapra, because of drug cartels that have a strong presence. Those cartels make it dangerous for the army to get involved and means that the ISIS terror cells in the area only have to worry about not offending the cartels.

While some liberals have decried Trump's argument that we need a border wall to secure America, the news that terrorists are camped right outside one of our cities is frightening.

We need stronger border security and protection to protect America, not only from drugs and gangs, but also from radicalized terrorists.

h/t: Jews News

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