When Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took to the stage during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, she promised that she would take big money out of politics. What Clinton was referring to was the ability of companies and corporations to donate to political causes following theĀ Citizens United case. Unfortunately, what Clinton didn't talk about was the fact that her political party is the worst when it comes to flooding money into elections.

The biggest example of this is in Colorado.

This year is a big year for the Colorado state elections. The GOP holds a narrow lead in the state's legislature, controlling 18 seats while the Democrats control 17. That's a very narrow margin and it's one that Democratic fundraisers around the country are trying to exploit.

Among those fundraisers are billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, who are pouring money into attack ads and flyers throughout the state. They've been donating primarily through a group known as the Democracy Alliance, but funds pour into politics through many avenues.

Take, for instance, the $900,000 that Steyer paid a research agency in Colorado to conduct polling and research about how to best attack GOP candidates. Or the fact that the Democracy Alliance has paid millions to try and get back the state senate seat of Rachel Zenzinger, who was narrowly defeated by a Republican in the last state election.

For all Clinton's claims that big money is a Republican-sided evil, the Democracy Alliance proves that wrong and then some. Membership in the group is limited to those who donate at least $200,000 to a super fund which is then used to fund Democratic ads attacking conservative opponents across the country. It's perfectly legal, but it's disappointing that Clinton would lie about this too.

Colorado, it's time to show the Democrats that they can't buy their way to victory on election day. This news needs to spread and Coloradoans need to come out and support the GOP candidates in their local elections.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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