Our Founding Fathers envisioned a country where the American flag would stand as a symbol of liberty and justice. They never could have imagined the complete disregard and disrespect that many people today have for our nation's flag. What's more, in one Tennessee town it's much more than disrespect, it's escalated to destruction.

In Maryville, Tennessee, someone visited the home of an elderly woman who had flags posted in her front lawn and took the flags and burned them. The owners of the home, DeWayne K. Phillips and his mother, weren't so much angry as they were shocked that someone would do this to them.

"Why, why her flag, I don’t understand why, it’s a 79 year old woman she wouldn’t hurt a fly," said her son.

Suspects for the destruction are a local group of youth who don't understand what the flag means to this elderly woman. But thankfully, the local community is banding together to help the Phillips family fight back.

Local units of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the police department, and other friends and neighbors all donated flags to be posted in front of the Phillips home. In total the home now has more than 20 flags flying outside on the front lawn. According to DeWayne, they also have six backup flags inside, just in case any other property-destroyers want to come by and try and remove the flag from their property again.

"We’re not going to stop; we’ll put up flags every day. If they burn them down every day we’ll put up a new flag every day," said DeWayne.

This is true patriotism, friends. A special thanks goes out to all the groups who made it possible for the Phillips family to show their love and patriotism for their country.

For the people who burned the flags, watch out. Karma will come around and you won't like it one bit.

h/t: Wate.com

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