The Mike Brown campaigners are simply driven by leftist ideas. These are people who do not understand that America was built on the philosophy of toil and sacrifice. The goal is to drive American prosperity and ideals down. But many of these people who mindlessly protest are just dupes of the left. No surprise that a closer look at the groups so vocal in the Mike Brown protest reveals a number of outside players with very unsavory ties.

Read Ben Carson's -"Ferguson destroyed itself at the urging of cruel-hearted outsiders".

While the aim is to hit back at America for all the perceived wrongs it has committed, these radical groups will keep claiming that they only want justice for Mike Brown.

The Mike Brown protesters have gone a to the extreme now. The justification for protesting via "rioting and looting" is illogical. Why, for example, are the commercial banks, Collinsville Acquisitions Inc, Thompson Coburn, and virtually every church, company, government departments, legal firms, child care homes targeted by the protesters? You only have to look at the list of targets that the campaigners have released to understand that they only want to destroy basic societal infrastructure, not to pursue justice.

The protesters must understand that the St Louis companies are not related to the Mike Brown shooting. This is just but a situation of inconveniencing people and institutions in the name of protest, while truly doing the bidding of the leftists pulling their strings. Sound off in the comments below.


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