Prisoners at the “Gitmo” detention camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba are special.

They have never worn the uniform of a country engaged in a war with the United States.

They don’t feel the need to abide by the Geneva Convention because they are not signatories to any such international treaty. They don’t believe in treaties: they believe in conquest and subjugation through violence.

They don’t fear being called to account for their crimes, because their faith promises they will be rewarded in the afterlife for them.

Following the September 11th attacks on the United States, unthinkable only moments before four airplanes carrying innocent civilians on business trips, family trips, and vacations were commandeered and turned into million-pound bombs, President George W. Bush with the approval of Congress established the prison camp to hold exceptionally dangerous detainees, “enemy soldiers” in the War on Terror.

Not all those captured in the fight against al-Queda and, later, ISIS, remain at “Gitmo” – the Bush administration released 532 detainees, only to learn that 111 were confirmed to have returned to the battlefield with another 74 believed to have rejoined the fight.

In order to fulfill a campaign promise, President Obama issued an Executive Order on January 22, 2009, two days after taking office, directing that the detention camp be closed with detainees either released or transferred to facilities in the United States, but Congress thwarted the closure by voting overwhelmingly to deny funds for any transfer.

Since then, Obama has released 144 prisoners, seven of whom are confirmed to have returned to fighting, with many others suspected of doing so, bringing the total of “Gitmo” alumni to 676.

Of these, 118 are confirmed recidivists (17 percent) and 86 are suspected of returning to terrorism (13 percent).

The simple mathematics of these numbers is that 30 percent of those first designated as the exceptionally dangerous type of prisoner “Gitmo” was designed to hold, then subsequently released have proven the first assessment correct – they are committed to waging a war of terror and nothing will stop them from returning to the battlefield.

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