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In a remarkable act of kindness, one of America’s heroes did what they do best. He stepped up and took action.

While grabbing a bite to eat at his local Taco Bell, somewhere in Alabama, LTC Robert Risdon, helped a couple of kids out. The pair of brothers, young juveniles, were trying to make enough money to eat.

They were approaching customers and asking if they wanted to buy some of the desserts they had for sale. Their parents were nowhere to be found.

Risdon bought them a meal. He told them they could have anything they wanted on the menu. Another, patron, Jason Gibson, caught the entire exchange on camera.

You see, our military never stops serving. Whether stateside of abroad, their fellow Americans are forefront in their minds.

Gibson noted this as well, “Our troops are always taking care of us.” Yes they are, and this country needs to do a much better job of taking care of, and appreciating, them.

The youngest boy was very excited for his coming meal—full of giddy joy and large smiles. Gibson said he watched the young man salute LTC Risdon and say “I want to be just like [you] when I grow up.”

God bless out brothers and sisters in arms.

Source: Mad World News


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