Once again we witness the contrast between government bureaucracy and the real life struggle of a young and vibrant 18-year old dying slowly of leukemia, and finally succumbing to the disease because there weren't enough beds available to treat her.

Laura Hillier, of Ontario, Canada, suffered from leukemia, and needed a bone marrow transplant. Ordinarily, that’s the hard part – finding a suitable donor. In Laura’s case, there were “numerous” donor matches for Laura, who were ready and willing to donate, but because of the bed shortage, Laura died.

Americans are experiencing the same institutional malfeasance within their own VA government controlled healthcare system. The parallels are striking in that young Laura died while waiting to be admitted, mirroring the countless vets that have died waiting for months and in some cases years, to simply see a doctor.

According to the hospital staff, 30-patients needing transplants had matches, but they were only able to accommodate 5 transplants per month due to the shortage of needed beds.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, Juravinski’s vice-president of oncology and palliative care, told Ontario’s TheStar.com there are plenty of others facing the same situation as Laura in Canada.


He said donor registries are growing in size, and technological advances allow transplants to safely happen between people who are less of a match for each other are becoming more and more common.

Canada, like ObamaCare attempts to manipulate the free market with punitive directives, forcing many healthcare professionals into difficult career choices, it’s been estimated that approximately 20% of all primary care physicians will leave the healthcare industry by 2017.

Ironically while Sanders promotes Socialized medicine, his home-state of Vermont has just declared their own version of socialized healthcare a total failure, which almost bankrupted the state.

Source: Daily Mail



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