Police Officer Michelle Burton thought she was going in for another normal day at the office. However, things were anything but normal after a picture was taken of her holding something that night. The picture immediately went viral and has been receiving massive reactions from social media users.

At around 9 p.m. in Birmingham, Alabama a neighbor called officer Burton to the apartment at Tom Brown Village public housing community after hearing the cries from children.

Neighbors reportedly heard crying from inside the nearby apartment and it didn't seem to stop. That's when they called 911.

Officer Burton went into the apartment to assess the situation and found a horrifying scene. The children's parents were both lying on the ground unconscious.

The two parents had both suffered massive drug overdoses while their children sat around helplessly and cried out for help.

The mother was found lying on the couch unconscious by police officers, while the father was found dead on the kitchen floor. Luckily, rescue workers were able to reach the mother in time and revive her. She is now receiving treatment and is recovering at the hospital.

It was at this time that Officer Michelle Burton decided to step out of what was just in the job description and showed true compassion.

Michelle's husband Sgt. Burton made sure to take a picture to capture the heartwarming actions of his caring wife. The picture was immediately posted to Facebook and the people loved it.


In the post Sgt. Burton made sure to give his wife the praise that she deserves.

"Last night, my wife Michelle Burton told me she would be late getting off work because of a call she was on where the parents of 4 small children had both overdosed. Michelle said the father was dead and the mother was critical. She spent the rest of the night taking care of these babies. She got home at 4 this morning. I’ve never seen her more beautiful than in this picture. What an incredible woman," read Sgt. Brian Burton's Facebook post.

Officers report that 4 children were found in the home, all belonging to the couple.

The image captures what the vast majority of our police officers look like. Most officers work hard to serve and protect people regardless of race and religion because they truly car about the communities that they serve. It's about time we give these officers the respect and recognition that they deserve and stop chastising them like the Black Lives Matter movement continues to do.

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Source: Mad World News


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