World Trade Center desecrator, El-Gamal, is at it again. Since his 2010 plan to build a mosque near the site of Islam’s terrorist attack that killed roughly 3,000 people was brought to a halt, he has moved on to another goal.

This time, he plans to build a museum to Islam on the site of the proposed mosque. Clearly, his goal is to bitch-slap our nation. Our Administration’s goal, and that of New York’s Administrative bozos, appears to be to stand there and wait their turn for a follow-up slap.

The mainstream media is where? Wearing burqas. They cloak themselves in darkness and go along with the plans for an insidious slow-going Caliphate. Nowhere is this being reported—because, transparency, truth, fair and balanced and all that.

Sure, it might make a story here and there, but is certainly not being given the attention it deserves.

This a sick and disgusting thing to do. If he wants to build a museum, then he ought to build one showing the dastardly things that his religious culture has waged around the world for over a thousand years.

The rising tidal wave of blood that has washed over the European continent time and again, only to be driven back into the sands of the Middle East. Heck, while he is at it, he can build a fancy display for the complicit Pope who wants everybody to live in Kumbayallah harmony.

It is time to rise up again, New Yorkers. It is time to exercise your First Amendment and put a stop to the sacrilege that will happen in your back yard, and the rest of America’s back yard. The remains of all of the people blown to bits are still on the rooftops of buildings for miles around, carried away by the wind.

You live under the weight of those innocents who died doing nothing other than living a life of American freedom that is being manipulated. Do something about it. The mantle of honoring the dead is on you.

The rest of us don’t live there and can’t do anything about it, but we can offer our support for your actions. So act.

Source: Mad World News


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