It's not often that you see a town in California standing for conservative principles. That was the case this last week, though, as passionate residents of Imperial Beach attended a local city council meeting to protest refugee resettlement.

Imperial Beach, which is located near San Diego, California, was recently given the nickname "Welcoming City," by the city's mayor. That slogan, though, meant that many more refugees and illegal immigrants would be "welcomed." And that disturbed a lot of the city's population.

So residents came out in force to protest refugee resettlement at a local City Council meeting. Some residents even carried signs to the meeting that read, "No sanctuary city." Sanctuary cities, for the uninitiated, are cities that claim to be outside of the jurisdiction of Homeland Security. They are cities where illegal immigrants can enjoy the benefits of not being prosecuted or deported and where the cities are actively breaking the law.

But residents in Imperial Beach didn't want that. When talk turned to refugees, one resident spoke words that people all across the country can relate to.

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"We can't just trust anyone. They are unvetted. We are opening a can of worms," said the resident.

The mayor, the man responsible for the city's slogan and for the justly deserved criticism, claimed that he simply meant that the city would be welcoming to just legal immigrants.

"We welcome all legal immigrants - all American citizens. We welcome anyone to enjoy some of the best surf in the country. I welcome everyone to surf it with me," Mayor Serge Dedina said.

But it's clear that his city's population doesn't agree with him.

This type of protest is refreshing. People are going out to their city meetings and letting their voices be heard. We should all take note and plan to attend our own city councils when or if something like this happens close to home.

Full story here: CBS 8 News

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