Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been the unforeseen sight of the next battle between black protesters and the police, following the death last week of an armed man at the hand of a Milwaukee police officer. The officer is remaining anonymous, but the victim's family has turned ominous.

Sylville Smith was shot on Sunday, but authorities are keeping a tight lid on information regarding the situation and the police officer who shot Smith.

Smith's sister, however, stated to reporters that she and her family were well acquainted with the officer who killed her brother and hinted that there may have been some history between the two.

"The boy knew my brother personally from high school. They knew each other," said Sherelle Smith, sister of the victim. Then she appeared to address the shooter himself, saying "You knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him."

It is unclear what Smith was referring to but her next statement regarding the ongoing investigation into the shooting left no doubts about where the situation will likely be headed.

"If we don't have answers, we're gonna find them and we're gonna find them our way. We're not find them y'all way no more. We're not gonna compromise no more."

Finding the answers "our way" likely means more violence and protests, though Smith declares that she is against violence. Those declarations could easily fall to the side, however, if a large enough mob begins to form.

For the time being, all that the Milwaukee Police Department would confirm is that Smith is telling the truth about the officer attending high school with her brother. Beyond that they're working to protect the officer's safety by keeping him anonymous. Which, based on the tone of the victim's sister, is a good idea.

Let's hope the police can keep this one under control. Milwaukee might explode if things turn out badly with this one.

h/t: Fox 6 News

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