Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, has more money that many of us can ever hope to dream of. Some folks would call the venture he is undertaking as one of those example of having more money than you know what to do with.

Except, when it comes to Johnny Morris, he knows exactly what to do with the money he earned by being a successful businessman, and he has every right to do what he wants.


What he wants to do is to continue to explore the awesome limestone cave system that appeared on a golf course that he happens to own.

The golf course featured a pond that seemed to disappear overnight. It disappeared after a night of rain. Obviously, the water was draining out of the pond.


Morris and his project manager, Jimmy Wolfinbarger decided the pond problem was a lot more complex than they originally thought. Next came a massive sinkhole following a very heavy December rainstorm.

The cave system began to reveal its secrets. It turns out that Morris is an avocational spelunker, meaning he likes to go exploring caves. Talk about a dream come true for him.

This is where his mega-wealth comes in, because he is digging into the earth to learn more about this limestone labyrinth in his own backyard. He has no plans to stop until he has unearthed as much of its secrets as he can.


Whether it’s just like a foxhole thing you have to crawl in or whether there’s big cavers, that’s the mystery, and that’s the exciting part of all this,” he explained. “People say I’m crazy but I’m happy about every nickel we’ve spent down here.”

How exciting for him! This will be a fun news story to follow for cavers and non-cavers alike.

Source: Mad World News

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