This is the kind of story that gives you hope in humanity. We are inundated with horror on a daily basis.

In fact, those tales seem to come hourly on some days.  This particular tale is one of true love of your neighbor.

Sofia Adrade (Lorena), of Massachusetts, is a single mom with three mouths to feed. You can imagine winning $200.00 on a spur of the moment lottery ticket was a welcome surprise.

When you are single and struggling to raise three kids, chances are you have become very skilled in making $200.00 go a long way. This gal did just that.

As she exited the Wareham gas station she saw a homeless man sitting on the street corner. In that moment she had an epiphany. She went over and spoke to the man.

She brought him in out of the cold, and sat down to have a cup of coffee, and little bit of human to human time whereby he would be respected in fellowship.

His name is Glenn—not the panhandler guy, and we should all be reminded that our homeless are people, with names, and possibly families. Their conversation turned to his accommodations for the night. He had none.

She took him to a local motel and paid for two-nights. He cried. That is when her 200-bucks went farther than she could have imagined. She went home and shared his story on social media and asked that people visit him at his motel room.

If they had anything to spare, food, clothing, anything at all, to drop it by his place. She also started a GoFundMe campaign, in his name, to try and get him a new jump-start in life.

Well, $8,000.00 and a bunch of supplies, food and clothing later we can say that he has just that.

Thank you Ms. Lorena for reminding us as to how we should be treating our fellow men and women—with kindness, generosity, and humility.

Source: Mad World News

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