In a world of video, phone cameras, youtube and 24-news, Hillary Clinton persists in telling voters to ignore what they see with their own eyes – and hear with their own ears (!) and believe what she says, no matter how illogical or absurd.

Clinton has adopted this policy – and is sticking to it – not only with respect to allegations that she mishandled government documents when she served as President Obama’s first Secretary of State and ethics questions about the copacetic relationship between the State Department and her family’s  foundation during that time, but about increasing concerns about her health.

Falls, a concussion, a blood clot, double-vision, broken bones along with a regimen of daily medication for long-term diagnoses of hypothyroidism and blood thinner have all been noted publically, but Clinton and her surrogates, including her supporters in the media, claim that questions about her health and stamina are “sexist.”

Clinton and her campaign have claimed that she quickly – and fully – recovered from the injuries with no lastly side effects, yet, when confronted with questions by the FBI, Clinton claimed she could not remember her security briefings as Secretary blaming her faulty memory on – wait for it – her concussion.

Also revealed in the FBI’s notes on the interview was the fact that Clinton was unable to work more than two hours a day for a period of time as she recovered from the concussion. Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, told reporters that it took “six months of hard work” for her to recover.

Adding to the questions about Clinton’s health and what she may be hiding from the public, are the frequent prolonged coughing fits she has suffered on camera since the campaign for the presidency began in earnest last year.

After a long period away from the campaign trail while attending fundraising galas, Clinton was unable to suppress the cough for over four minutes in a speech and was forced to abruptly terminate an informal meeting with reporters just hours later when she was overtaken with more coughing.

Clinton attributed the bouts to seasonal allergies, but she has coughed her way through last winter, spring, summer and now into the fall, and the pollen count on the day of her latest attack was listed as low.

Now, sources are saying that Clinton’s public appearances yield information about her health issues that should be addressed before the voters make the decision whether to send her to the White House.

Her campaign requires that a stool be placed near her on stage when she speaks and pillows be made available on chairs or sofas during interviews.

Perhaps even more telling is Clinton’s refusal to drink water out of a bottle, demanding, instead, for a glass of water.

Alarmingly, sources near the campaign have claimed that Clinton has Parkinson’s disease – the same neurological disorder that eventually took the life of Muhammad Ali.

The disease creates difficulty swallowing, which can be alleviated to some extent by adding substances to thicken liquids, accounting perhaps for her dependence on water being available on in a glass handed to her by aides, rather than just a handy bottle.

The American public has the right to know whether a candidate will be able fulfill the duties of the office she seeks.

And Mrs. Clinton should honor that right and simply tell the truth about the status of her health.

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