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Schools. Movie theaters. Dance clubs. Office parties. Church basements. Shopping malls.

These are the so-called soft targets that provide easy prey for the sick mind that wants to do harm to the most innocents in the shortest length of time.

Whether the madman is a terrorist bent on carrying out jihad against the “infidel” or a psychopath who wants attention at any cost, the news has been filled with stories of killers scoping out locations to find places where they will encounter the least resistance when they finally make their move.

And all too frequently, stories from survivors – if there are any – tell a sickening story of helplessly hiding in terror, waiting to be hunted down, found and executed.

Democrats ridicule the expression, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun,” but in case after case, it has been proved to be true.

Just as off-duty officer Jason Falconer stopped an ISIS-inspired jihadist in a machete-wielding attack on shoppers in a Minnesota mall last weekend, a school in rural Texas has posted a warning to anyone who might try to harm the students, teachers and employees inside.

The new sign that greeted students when school started last month reads:

“Attention. Please be aware that the staff at Medina ISD may be armed and will use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

The Medina Independent School District is home to 303 K-12 students in what’s known as Hill Country, west of San Antonio, far west of Austin and, in a crisis, too far from law enforcement to save the day.

School superintendent Penny White said the school board decided to be “proactive in making it clear that we’re going to protect our kids… and make someone stop and think twice if they had a violent act in mind,” stressing that the warning is intended to “deter all kinds of violence, not just shooters.”

Medina just gave new meaning to the slogan: Don’t Mess With Texas!

Source: Fox

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