The welfare system in America is broken. There's no doubt that the thousands of freeloaders and abusers in the system are making life worse for the rest of the country. But one comedian chose to poke fun at the issue and it is raising some intense feedback.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comedian Jay McGuire printed out a sign that he hung in several Wawa grocery stores in the Philadelphia area. Though the social experiment was in no way associated with the Wawa chain of grocery stores, McGuire thoroughly enjoyed the reaction to his statement.

In large, bold letters the sign read: "We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe its [sic] time to get a job. Thank you."

EBT refers to the Electronic Benefits transfer system where welfare users can access their funds. McGuire's signs, though, stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy, just what the comedian wanted.

It wasn't long until a progressive website called The Frisky caught wind of the situation.

They were quick to excoriate McGuire's prank, saying that the signs did nothing more than to "shame poor people" and calling for the signs to be taken down.

It's unclear how long Wawa inadvertently allowed the signs to remain up, but they were undoubtedly taken down as soon as the store's management caught wind.

The simple fact that so many people were offended, however, points to the kernel of truth that McGuire hit on in his prank. Many Americans do feel like there are freeloaders in the system who are simply taking advantage of a good thing and using it like crazy in fear of the free handouts disappearing.

Recently, many states have worked to ensure that the welfare benefits are only going to those who really need it, not able-bodied workers who could be employed.

But welfare reform is far from over. It will take many more signs and much more discussion before this issue is settled. This, however, is a funny and great start!


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