Thank goodness for the justice system of the United States.

A Philadelphia woman who dressed in the headdress and other religious clothing of a Muslim impersonated a 5-year-old girl's mother and kidnapped and sexually assaulted the child. That woman, Christina Regusters, is now facing a prison sentence of 40 years to life for the charges of kidnapping, assault, and involuntary sexual intercourse.

According to the authorities, in 2013 Regusters was dressed in the headdress of a Muslim when she arrived at the girl's school and told the secretaries that she was the girl's mother. Regusters then took the girl home to her apartment where she molested her. The girl was found the next morning in a nearby park wearing a t-shirt. Authorities later used the DNA on that shirt to track the crime to Regusters.

What makes the crime even sicker is that Regusters is a former childcare worker.

While Regusters lawyers tried to argue that the crime was committed by a man who was staying in her home, the judges quickly dismissed that plea and sentenced her.

Though the girl's family has sued the school district for failing to identify Regusters as an impostor and not the girl's mother, there is some blame to be laid on America's politically correct society.

If the school employees had requested that Regusters remove the Muslim headdress and verify that she was, in fact, the girl's mother, nothing would have happened. Instead, due no doubt to a fear of offending a Muslim, the school employees made no checks on the identity of Regusters and the life of this 5-year-old was changed forever.

Though many religious rights activists want to preserve the right of Muslims to wear their headdresses and veils in public, it's clear that the decision to allow such anonymity was a mistake in this case.

Let us learn from this mistake and go forward taking better care of the lives of American children.

h/t: MSN News

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