It's become very apparent that college and university campuses all across the country have succumb to blind one sided thinking propagated by the the liberal media and liberal figureheads like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. It has gotten a bit more than just a little out of hand. The idea of progressive indoctrination has run rampant on college campuses and this latest incident shows just how backwards things have become.

There have been stories of kids 'triggered' by Trump's name written in chalk on college campuses. Bathrooms are any man (or whatever you chose to identify as) at this point. One of the major points that has been brought out of this progressive indoctrination is the idea of "white privilege."

Many of the more extreme progressives believe that whites should feel guilty and be punished for what happened decades and even centuries ago.

One college has chosen to pursue this notion way more aggressively than most people and the action that they are proposing is bordering on the absurd. Georgetown University is implementing a new initiative that would force incoming students to walk around the surrounding areas associated with slavery.

It would be some sort of effort to 'atone' for the wrongdoings that the school committed just shy of 200 years ago, reports the Daily Caller.

Georgetown is making efforts to show remorse by forcing students to take part in a "Historical Walking Tour of Black Georgetown." This is just one of many of their initiatives aimed at forcing students to pay for Georgetown's role in the "institution of slavery."

Georgetown has also reached out to the local public schools in order to update the history books to include how evil Georgetown is due to it's actions regarding slavery years ago.

"I believe the most appropriate way for us to redress the participation of our predecessors in the institution of slavery is to address the manifestations of the legacy of slavery in our time," an email from Georgetown President John J. DeGioia read regarding the universities plans moving forward.

They plan on doing this by giving the descendants of slaves owned by the school paid tuition. Sounds a bit like the slave reparations that the Black Lives Matter movement demanded doesn't it?

If you are a little baffled by it or outraged by this that is completely understandable. It is important to not that no one employed by or enrolled at the University today was ever a slave, neither were any of them slave owners.

If you open up this can of worms then where does it stop? Should we have to pay the English for fighting for our freedom? What about the Japanese in World War II? It's going to be a little hard to keep track of these completely arbitrary debts that happened in the past.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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